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Amy grew up in the Hollywood Hills area of Southern California. The tranquil beauty of her surroundings along with its abundant variety of plant life and rugged terrain helped shape an aesthetic which she would later incorporate in various creative endeavors, culminating in her greatest passion, landscape design. Influenced by her mother, a fine artist and fellow plant enthusiast, Amy began experimenting with color through her paintings in oil and acrylic; texture, through clay sculptures; and the disciplined use of physical space, through ballet. It was a natural progression to combine these talents with her love of horticulture, and express them through landscape design. During her formal education at UC Santa Cruz, Amy deepened her knowledge, experience and appreciation of all aspects of horticulture. She has been married for ten years and has two wonderful daughters, nothing makes her happier than to see them enjoying nature and growing in its beauty, just as she did.

Amy’s mission is to use her artistry and skill to understand and interpret her client’s preferences and convert the canvas of their property into her signature tranquil outdoor living environments.

From concept through installation, Amy’s design process incorporates the personal interests and living style, or corporate identity, of her client, while honoring individual budget and timing parameters. Vital considerations at the design and planning stages are site characteristics, such as dimensions of the lot, climate, exposure to sun and shade, soil quality, degree of slope, neighborhood, architectural style of house or building, access to water and electricity, and existing plants and structures. She then applies the principles of focal point, form, balance, unity, and proportion, and uses a palette of striking plant color and texture combinations, fragrant blooming and fruiting plants and trees, and the sound of water from fountains, and other water features to bring the five senses alive for her client. Additional features, such as arbors, fireplaces, dining spaces, paths, sitting areas, bridges, bird baths and boulders may also be combined holistically to create the lush and graceful outdoor living spaces for which she is known.

Client List

  • Barry Brooker - President Grindstone Entertainment / Lionsgate
  • Rachel Griffiths - Actress
  • James Denton - Actor
  • Dominic Monaghan - Actor
  • Busy Philipps - Actress
  • Marc Silverstein - Writer
  • Bill Fitchner - Actor